Green Burial Tributes

This establishment is one of a select number of firms chosen by the Green Burial Council to offer these packages. It provides everything necessary for a graveside burial within a green cemetery, conventional cemetery, and in certain instances, on private property.

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Signature Green Funeral Offering
Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff, transportation of the deceased from place of death to funeral home and from funeral home to cemetery, Life Tribute planning meeting, Preparation of deceased for viewing (does not include formaldehyde-based embalming which is prohibited), 1 day, (2 two hour periods) of gathering at the funeral home after the burial, a 2 hour private family viewing (to be held within 24 hours of death), a memorial ceremony either on or off-site, funeral procession from funeral home to cemetery with hearse and family car, a graveside ceremony, seeds of hope distribution, extended aftercare program, a signature memorial package and a signature biodegradable maple casket.  Five (5%) of the proceeds of this offering will go to the Green Burial Council, a non-profit organization that encourages the use of burial as a means of facilitating the restoration, acquisition, and stewardship of natural areas throughout the United States.
$ 9,670